Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar

$27.55 (as of January 9, 2018, 2:26 pm)

DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: Use for added security, decreasing the chances of intruders entering your home
RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: 20 gauge steel body withstands more than 350 pounds of force
ADJUSTABLE: Forty Height Settings, each 1/4 inch apart


For that extra boost of home security, look no further than the PortBlock Dual-Function Security Bar. Built to reinforce sliding doors and tightly secure hinged doors, always keeping your home on full lockdown and free of intruders.

Convenient Design with the Consumer in Mind
The PortBlock is designed to secure all the entryways to your home and perfect to resist any forced entry. For hinged doors, installation is as simple as securing the scratch-resistant Y-connector under the door knob and the skid-free foot to the floor. Installation on sliding doors is even easier: just remove the Y-connector by pulling out the locking pin, and place the PortBlock into the track of your sliding door. For maximum convenience, the PortBlock has forty adjustable height settings allowing it to fit in spaces between 23 inches to 40 inches in length, meaning it’s bound to fit just about every entry you need to secure.

The Strength of Steel
The PortBlock is constructed from heavy duty 20 gauge steel, thick, rugged and designed to withstand more than 350 pounds of applied force. But donÍt let this heavy metal fool you: the PortBlock is still gentle on floors and doors because the Y-connector and foot are specially designed to prevent scratching or damage. A pivoting joint on the foot ensures that no matter the height of your doorknob and the angle of the bar, the PortBlocks tough steel will keep you secured.

Sets a New Bar for Affordability
The Portblock offers the best comparable protection on the market at a fraction of the price of the competition.








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